Kickstarter update - Storm Tharp piece to be added at 1:30 today

Thanks to all of the supporters who have donated so far to our Kickstarter. We are nearing our goal, we have about a week to go, you can help put us over this weekend. If we manage to make more than our goal, half will go toward presenting performances at our 20th anniversary party August 20th in Portland, and half toward printing our next magazine.


A new prize is being added at 1:30 PM PST today, thanks to a generous donation from Mr. Storm Tharp and his gallery PDX Contemporary Art. 

The piece, pictured above, is titled "The Bishop." It is a ink and gouache on paper, created in 2001 and the dimensions are 14 5/8" x 13 1/4." 


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Playa Prize - our newest - our latest - our last addition.

The Plazm fundraising sp@m will soon end. If we don't raise another $3500 in the next week, we are hosed and don't get any money at all.

We're adding one last prize package (you get lovely reward gifts for donating). Called the Playa Prize, it features writing, photography, and a genuine Tarot reading. Not to be missed.


- Steven Fritz's live, crackling portrait of the infamous Dr. Megavolt, signed, in large format. (Value $100)

- Tarot reading by phone or in real life in Portland, by Miss Magdalen of Mystical Mayhem, using the Burning Tarot deck. (Value $85)

- Signed copy of Burning Man Live: 13 Years of Piss Clear, Adrian Roberts's hilarious anthology of alternative Playa publication classics. From the inimitable RE/Search books.

- Very special Burner mystery necklace.

- Copy of Plazm's 20th anniversary issue

- Your name in the magazine and on our forthcoming website at plazm.org

- Invitation to VIP event

- A Whole Lotta Love

TO SHARE THIS PRIZE INFO AROUND: http://tinyurl.com/playaprize (works better than clicking Facebook thingy below)

or share the whole kickstarte: http://kck.st/iNrLDS

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Space Cadets, Rocketships, and SCHWA: new prize added today!

Ever wish you could go back in time and be recruited for a classic NASA moon mission? You're not alone. Live the experience with a Raygun Gothic Rocketship official Space Cadet Recruitment pack and a paper model of the actual rocket (value of both: $100). Add in a collectible SCHWA kit, complete with alien detection unit, still in packaging (value: $25).

But wait, that's not all! You'll also get these Ginsu knives... OK not really... but you will be the proud recipient of Plazm #30 ($10), PDF preview of the magazine ($5), your name listed on our new upcoming website at plazm.org and in the magazine, plus an invitation to a VIP event (priceless).

All yours for a mere $105 donation to our Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Tell yr friends and "friends" alike about our effort to get the next issue printed: http://kck.st/iNrLDS is the URL. Above: NK Guy photo of the actual Raygun Gothic Rocket installed in the desert; it is now a large-scale sculptural installation on San Francisco's Embarcadero waterfront.

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